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User Guide

Dashboard - System Menu

Below are all the various pages / features available under the system menu in the dashboard.

Information Description
Summary Information about the cms, selected environment, database connection etc )
Startup Lists all the start up tasks that ran when the cms started
Widgets Lists all the widgets available
Macros Lists all the macros available
Cache Lists all the items in the cache
Logs Lists all the log entries ( info, error, fatal etc )
Users Lists all the users in the system and provides functions to manage them
Diagnostics Lists informations about the server the machine is running on
Email Used to send email
Queues Lists all the items that are in various queues in the system
Tasks Lists all the scheduled jobs in the system and allow on-demand execution of them
Flags Lists all the flagged/spam/inappropriate posts in the system

Widget Management

How to create a new widget

  1. Log in as admin and go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Select the widget you want to add from the drop-down and click add ( you will be redirected to the create widget page )
  3. Fill in the fields for the widget and click save
  4. If there are errors, the error will be displayed. Otherwise, if the widget creation was successful, then the widget management page will be displayed.

How to move a widget

There are 2 ways to move a widget ( either to a different position in the same zone or to a position in a different zone )

Option 1 : Widget management page
  1. Log in as an admin and go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Widgets are listed as rows in each zone, the widget row can be dragged and dropped to another row or into another zone

Option 2 : Home page
When logged in as an admin, there is a small "edit" link on the top right corner of each widget
  1. Click on the edit link of any widget
  2. Put the mouse/cursor on the header of the widget, and hold down the mouse button and drag and drop the widget to another position or across to the other side to another zone in another position

Data Management

All the various "models" in the system are listed in the Dashboard -> Manage section.
There is a link for "Add" and for "Manage" for each model.

How to create a new "model" ( page, menu, post, event, link etc )

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Manage
  2. Click on "Add" link under the respective model that you want to create

How to manage the models

  1. Go to Dashboard -> Manage
  2. Click on "Manage" link under the respective model that you want to manage

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