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CommonLibrary.NET CMS 0.9.5

  1. There was no beta version, just alpha and then final.
  2. Starting from 0.9.6, the releases will be done much more frequently ( 2-3 weeks )
  3. Starting from 0.9.6, the project will be developed using "Sprints", agile approaches
  4. Please refer to the documentation page on codeplex for more information


  1. Drag & Drop
    1. After logging in as admin, in home page -> click edit above widget -> drag header of widget above/below/left or right zone, click save.
    2. After logging in as admin, go to dashboard -> appearance -> widgets -> drag and drop rows of widgets, afterwards click save.
  2. Validation of widget data
  3. Ajax disabling of widgets
  4. Roles enabled for widgets
  5. Easy Configuration ( attributes applied to classes to represent widgets )
  6. Dynamic loading ( specify what assemblyies to search for widgets in web.config "assembliesForExtensions" )
  7. Embeddable widgets in HTML page via tag $widget id="24 /


  1. Easy configuration ( attributes applied to classes to represent models )
  2. Dynamic loading ( specify what assemblyies to search for models in web.config )
  3. Improved config settings for permissions ( see /config/data/models.ini.config )
  4. Entity Grid - Ajax / Json management of data ( all the models are managed using a light-weight grid that is ajax/json based to get records )
  5. Entity Grid - Column chooser for data management
  6. Entity Grid - Add
  7. Entity Grid - Reload
  8. Entity Grid - Cloning of an entity that support ICloneSupportable
  9. Entity Grid - Activating / Deactivating an entity that supports IOnOff
  10. Entity Grid - Sortable entities that support ISortable and provide column widths.
  11. Simplified customization


  1. DatePicker for date fields
  2. Simplified CSS
  3. Ajax Pager
  4. Improved Photo Gallery
  5. Image Upload via IFrame

Known Issues

  1. Deleting a profile is not currently supported
  2. Comments can not be setup on an approval basis.
  3. After deleting the mediafile, clicking on "manage media files" link causes error(workaround) go to Dashboard -> Media -> manage.
  4. Entity-Management grid row drag-drop based sorting is not working.
  5. After deleting an html page, the page is still in the cache and is still displayed, need to clear cache or wait for a couple of refreshes
  6. Can not go directly to MediaFile/Manage which is the link in Dashboard -> Manage -> MediaFile -> Manage( Media file management is done via the Dashboard -> Media -> Manage )
  7. Validation errors on event creating do not need the key as the prefix ( e.g. zip, zip is invalid )

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