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  • Requirements
  • Default Accounts
  • Visual Studio
  • IIS Installation


  • Environment Selection
  • Config Files
  • Application Settings
  • Database connections
  • Default Data

User Guide

  • System information
  • Widget Management
    • How to manage widgets
    • How to move widgets
  • Manage data
    • How to add a new data item(page, post, event etc )
    • How to manage data

Developer Guide


  • Widgets
  • Models
  • Macros
  • Tasks
  • Information
  • Extensions

Current Features

  • Available Models
  • Available Widgets
  • Available Information
  • Available Macros


These features will be available in the coming weeks/months.


  1. wysiwyg
  2. preview of posts / events
  3. formatting (c#/javascript/css)


  1. trackbacks/linkbacks
  2. blogml
  3. weblog
  4. akismet
  5. emails / newsletters / subscriptions
  6. plugin pages
  7. multi-tenancy


  1. Pages do not support hierarchy
  2. localization ( partial support )
  3. sitemap



1. Tags on posts are not applied immediately. They are queued up and then processing every x number of seconds.
2. The repository used for an entity could be anything, an In-Memory, Sql Repository, NHibernated based repository. It's pluggable.
3. Criteria<T> object is used to in Find methods instead of Linq. This is to support possibly using NHibernate
4. Inserts / Updates are safe via parameterized queries ( DbParameter usage )
5. Stored procs are only used for Getting data by pages
6. Finding data by using Criteria doesn't not use parameterized queries is not that safe for the time being. This will be fixed.
7. Entities / Database schema, Sql Repositories can be automatically generated via a "Model generator" see Web.Console and WebModules projects in source.

More Documentation

The site uses many of the features from and as a result, the code base for the application
becomes very simple and lightweight, particularly the Entities/Models and ActiveRecord/Repositories.

Check the documentation on CommonLibrary.NET for more information.

Source Code - Project Structure

  1. CommonLibrary.Web.Lib - Reusable ASP.NET MVC code is placed in this library
  2. CommonLibrary.Web.Modules - Contains all the code for the web modules/models which include ( Blog, Faq, Tag, Feedback, Event, Page, Part, Profile, etc )
  3. CommonLibrary.CMS - This is the web project itself that contains the global.asax and all the views.
  4. All the models are located in CommonLibrary.Web.Modules\src\_models

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